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eHealthcare Solutions Welcomes Leslie Reyes, Director, Professional Solutions

We are so excited to welcome Leslie Reyes, Director, Professional Solutions, to the eHealthcare Solutions (EHS) team! Get to know Leslie by reading her bio below.

Education: Leslie obtained a bachelor’s degree in Neuroscience from the University of Rochester. When asked why she wanted to major in neuroscience, Leslie told us that her mother’s psychology textbooks sparked an interest in her to study the brain. Leslie later realized she wanted to be on the business side of health and went on to get an MBA in Marketing and Entrepreneurial Management from the Wharton School at the University of Pennsylvania.

Previous jobs before coming to EHS: Leslie has had a very accomplished (and focused) career working in numerous client-facing roles at health and technology firms, from GE Life Sciences to even starting her own consulting firm.

Most interesting job: Leslie tells us the most interesting job she’s had was when she worked at a company that focused on the employee development space. Here, she was able to help people in their careers as well as companies retain talent. She loved seeing the meaningful impact her work had in the lives of others.

Favorite part about working at EHS: In the short time Leslie has been here, she is grateful for those around her who have been so willing to extend their help to ensure she will be successful in her new sales role. Leslie is eager to continue her career here at EHS.

Morning motivation: It’s quite simple; her alarm clock and a cup (or 3) of coffee!

Favorite outdoor activity: Leslie has a very active family. In their spare time, they go to Round Valley where they enjoy kayaking on the waters and biking along the different trails.

Favorite food: Nothing comes close to her great-grandmother’s goat dish. Leslie says she takes the opportunity to try goat dishes whenever she finds them on the menu at restaurants, but they just never compare.

Interesting fact: Leslie and her great-grandmother (the same one mentioned above) share the same birthday. Coincidentally, Leslie’s daughter’s due date also landed on this same day, exactly one hundred years later. She ended up coming a day early, 99 years, 364 days later!

One thing on your bucket list: Leslie hopes to one day live in Barcelona, Spain. She loves the history, the vibe, and the fact that is the perfect mix of city and beach.

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