Healthcare Advertising Solutions

Healthcare Advertising Solutions


With decades of experience and expertise in digital marketing and advertising, coupled with extensive knowledge of the pharmaceutical industry, EHS is more than just an ad network vendor.
We are your strategic partner.

We work with marketers and brand teams directly, to create and integrate custom solutions into comprehensive digital campaigns, backed by the power and extensive reach of our exclusive healthcare publisher network. This distinguishing factor; an audience available only through EHS and delivered by the most respected and authoritative medical journals, societies, and associations in the nation; allows us to provide a best-in-class experience for our marketer, advertiser, and agency partners.

Maximum engagement. Exceptional results. Measurable ROI.

We offer a single point-of-contact for purchasing digital advertising, sponsorships, and custom solutions for desktop, mobile, and email. With the launch of the EHSX: Private Exchange & Marketplace, healthcare and pharmaceutical marketers can now reach their most desirable audiences programmatically, with guaranteed direct deals. EHSX is a private exchange; only the most respected healthcare publishers, medical societies, journals, and associations are represented, and only the most trusted brands are invited to participate.

If you are an advertiser looking to engage healthcare professional and consumer audiences through the most respected and authoritative medical societies, journals, and associations in the nation, schedule a meeting, call (609) 882-8887 x1 or contact us to speak with a Digital Advertising Professional today.


Services, Capabilities, & Custom Digital Programs
eHealthcare Solutions provides an unmatched suite of ad serving, targeting, and campaign management services. Our sophisticated ad stack allows us to deliver your message with pinpoint accuracy, combined with our custom digital solutions and extensive reach, we maximize audience engagement and ROI.


Programmatic Buying

EHSX: Private Exchange & Marketplace

EHSX is the first neutral, independent, private digital ad exchange built for healthcare & pharmaceutical publishers & advertisers. More at

Ad Serving, Targeting, Reporting & Analytics

Ad Serving

  • Premium ad-serving functionality with maximum uptime
  • Daily third-party discrepancy reconciliation
  • Multiple Viewability partners (MOAT, comScore, etc.)

Audience Targeting

  • FocalPoint™ Geo-Medical Targeting
  • Enhanced Prescriber Targeting:
    Authentication and Message Delivery to List-Matched MDs, DOs, NPs, PAs
  • Custom Audience Segment Targeting
  • Contextual Engine, Keyword and Page Targeting
    • Inclusion/Exclusion)
    • Roadblocks (100% SOV)
  • Mobile Messaging & In-App Advertising
    • Geofencing (Real-time Location)
    • Historical Location (Audience Segments)

Reporting & Analytics

  • Google Analytics
  • DFP Custom Criteria Reporting

Custom Solutions & Turn-key Digital Sponsorship Programs

Games & Quizzes

Games can be highly effective and engaging learning tools for everything from sales training to engaging healthcare professionals and consumers on topics surrounding awareness, education, and treatment of medical conditions in a collaborative and fun environment.

  • Trivia & Quiz Games
    • Diagnostic Challenges for Clinicians
    • Patient Trivia & Educational Games
    • Gameshow Emulations (i.e., Jeopardy, Family Feud, Password, etc.)
  • Cognitive Memory Games
    • Visual Match Games
    • Word/Phrase Recognition Games
    • Problem:Solution Puzzle Games
    • Digital Board Games
  • Experiential & Platform Style Games

Content Infusion

  • Native Advertising with Premium Publisher Brands

Microsites & Resource Centers

  • HCP/Patient Resource Centers
  • AwarenessMonthly Condition Awareness Month
  • ConferenceInsider for Key Medical Conferences
  • Specialty Pharmacy Access Hubs

Video Programs

  • Peer to Peer: KOL Insights & Patient Case Studies
  • Patient Treatment Stories

Custom Email, eNewsletters, and eTOCs

Fully Managed Email Campaigns

  • Condition-Specific Physician, HCP, and Consumer Campaigns
  • Custom emails, eNewsletters, Condition-specific News Briefs, and Publisher-Branded Emails & eTOCs

1The EHS Network is ranked #1 for Healthcare Professional (HCP) audience reach, and ranked #4 for Health Information market penetration by comScore (3/2016). Health Information includes healthcare professional and consumer audiences combined.