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Tap Native Launches Drug & Condition Match Targeting ® – An Expansive Database of Drugs and Conditions Used to Trigger In-Content Ad Placements

Digital health marketers can now choose and pair therapeutic categories, drug names and classes and conditions as ad triggers

NEW YORK, December 17th, 2019 (PRNEWSWIRE) – Tap Native, the Web’s leading health focused native ad platform, today announced the launch of Drug & Condition Match Targeting. The system provides health centric brands and agencies the ability to target pages with topics such as drug names, diseases and condition across hundreds of premium health and medical websites reaching over 120 million uniques monthly. The feature enables digital advertisers to reach in-market health audiences at the very moment they’re researching therapeutics and seeking answers to important health questions. In addition, the functionality empowers marketers to more closely control the types of content they don’t want their ads to appear within by providing exclusionary functionality and other brand safety features.

“Digital health marketers like pharmacies, device providers, consumer products, OTC and pharmaceutical medications can get far more granular in terms of the content their ads appear”, says Matt Villa, VP Sales at Tap Native. “For example, a low cholesterol meal service provider can target consumer content containing specific drug terms like statins or individual drug names within the statin drug class including brands or generics without having knowledge about hundreds of different drug names. The new system can be set to target all the drug names within a specific drug class or therapeutic category. In addition, advertisers can choose to target broad therapeutic categories such as cardiovascular, diabetes, psoriasis or multiple sclerosis and include the drug names associated with those categories. The targeting interface guides users by making related suggestions and was designed to create a well-designed campaign every time.”

“Our relational database presents limitless conceptual possibilities for creating unique content targets”, says Rafael Cosentino, VP Business Development at Tap Native. “The new targeting function was built on a vast database that maps drug information within 21,000 drug names, 32 classification concepts, from dosage, drug name, marketed product, condition, disease and therapeutic category. This relational mapping allows our system to make suggestions for targeting content in multiple ways, so you don’t have to be a medical expert to understand how to create meaningful opportunities to reach the right audience.”

Tap Native’s contextual targeting eliminates many concerns around GDPR, CCPA and other privacy compliance issues. Frequent weekly database updates provide up to date precision targeting as new medications or indications become approved by the FDA. Drug & Condition Match Targeting is also available to health publishers that participate in Tap Native’s Health Traffic Exchange. The feature has already enabled publishers with the unique ability to promote content to niche audiences without cost and at scale.

About Tap Native

Tap Native is the Web’s leading health focused native ad platform and content recommendation engine. Tap Native connects premium healthcare advertisers with in-market health audiences at the very moment they’re consuming health information. Tap Native utilizes a new generation technology stack which relies on a taxonomy of therapeutic categories, drug names and classes as well as dynamic algorithms to connect content, brand and performance advertisers to audiences contextually and geographically while simultaneously optimizing Advertiser’s ROI goals and revenue yield for publishers. Tap Native has created a top tier monetization product for health and medical publishers making ads on health-related pages vastly more relevant and elevating the quality for the consumers and healthcare professionals that see them. Learn more at

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