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Sneak Peak Into “Digital Engagement: How Physicians Really Behave Online”

It’s the holy grail of pharmaceutical marketing – getting the right message, to the right physician, at the right time. When it comes to the online world, you may be surprised to find that physicians aren’t always where you might expect them to be.

At this years eyeforpharma Philadelphia conference, Amy Turnquist, Executive Vice President of Sales at eHealthcare Solutions was joined on stage by Paul Kudlow, CEO, Founder at TrendMD, to present ‘Digital Engagement: How Physicians Really Behave Online,’ harnessing insights both organizations have gathered from digital behavior monitoring across over 10,000 medical and non-endemic websites, as well as the digital native advertising network where TrendMD aggregates traffic across 4,600 sites.

Couldn’t make eyeforpharma Philadelphia this year? Don’t fret! Look out for the “Digital Engagement: How Physicians Really Behave Online” webinar, coming soon in May 2019.

In the meantime, check out Amy’s interview, “Marketing 2.0: The Digital Upgrade” preceding eyeforpharma Philadelphia with eyeforpharma’s Chairman Paul Simms about some of the findings EHS and TrendMD found from their deep dive into physician digital engagement, and how to take action to adapt your marketing strategy to be increasingly data-driven.

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