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Sep-2018 Are Google Algorithms Playing Mischief with Healthcare Sites?

Google Algorithms Playing Mischief with Healthcare Sites?

If you are a website publisher in the healthcare industry, you may have felt some serious bumps in traffic from Google’s algorithm changes in the past 6 months. Although some may laud Google’s interpretive dance around what searchers like best (and I’m sure they are using tons of analytics to back it up), unfortunately it can play havoc with the amount of traffic a publisher receives.

In mid April 2018, Google released a broad core algorithm update. Specifically for healthcare sites, it appears that they added a “Featured Snippet” box to the top of some of the search listings. In this box, Google chooses one publisher to highlight and includes a snippet of text from that website which they believe best answers the question or keyword being put into the search.

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Employee Spotlight: Claudia Barbiero, Manager Digital Marketing & Social Media

Claudia is thrilled to be a part of the EHS team. She looks forward to coming into work every day and learning from her talented colleagues she has come to know as not only mentors, but friends too.

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