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AUG-2018 HCP and Consumer Marketing Trends You Can’t Ignore

Employee Spotlight: Daniel McDermott, Sr. Manager, Partner Relations

Dan is grateful for the opportunity to work alongside the passionate professionals at EHS. He says the people at EHS are his favorite part about working here because they truly care about the quality of their work, and he feels that positive energy rubs off throughout the company.

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Is a Customer Data Platform right for your company?

According to Tom Quinn, Founder of Refined Path, there are more than 50 tech providers that claim to be Customer Data Platforms or CDPs.

Quinn recommends that in order to determine if you need a CDP, you need someone on the team who understands how they can be used. He lists four different reasons why your company might need a CDP.

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Getting Personal: HCP and Consumer Marketing Trends You Can’t Ignore

Join HBA Philadelphia for an eye-opening educational event to learn more about key trends currently impacting healthcare marketing, including big data, privacy, personalization and recent legislation. These topics may be in the headlines today, but companies have been dealing with these topics for several years.

This event features four industry executives, who will discuss how they have dealt with these changes, the limitations and impact. Discover opportunities, best practices and other issues that often arise when trying to navigate the ever-changing landscape resulting from privacy legislation, big data and the rise of the empowered consumer. Most importantly, these thought-leaders will share insight into future trends and how to adapt. This is a “must-attend” event for anyone in healthcare marketing.

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