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July-2018 The Real Secret to Eliminating Invalid Traffic (IVT)

Employee Spotlight: Jason Mendelsohn, Partner Relations Manager

Jason Mendelsohn has been working at EHealthcare Solutions (EHS) for almost two years. While there are many aspects of EHS that Jason loves, his favorite things are the relaxed environment, and of course the people who work here, whom Jason says are some of the most intelligent people he has ever met.

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Cheryl MacDiarmid: ConferenceInsiderâ„¢ Exclusive Interview

Cheryl MacDiarmid, SVP, Primary Care, U.S., GSK, shares key components of building a patient centric organization, and some of the steps GSK is taking to keep the patient at the heart beat of the company.

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The Real Secret to Eliminating Invalid Traffic (IVT)

If you are a publisher, no doubt you have invalid traffic on your site. The definition of invalid traffic (IVT) covers a wide range of traffic, both legitimate and fraudulent. It can encompass non-human traffic like search engine spiders and bots, malicious programs like malware, or even human activity that produces fraudulent traffic like false clicks on advertisements.

Detecting and filtering IVT versus eliminating or preventing IVT from entering the site requires different methods of implementation.

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