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Just Say No – Publishers Are You Aware of MRC Accredited Vendors?

Adhering to standards and accredited vendors combats chaos in digital advertising. Therefore, it is important for publishers and advertisers to keep up with industry guidelines for all types of measurement tools. It is recommended by the IAB, in their Primer for Publishers: “It’s important to stay abreast of changes in vendor processes/MRC marketplace guidance.”

The MRC has provided a list of accredited vendors based on their confidential standards. Publishers should use this list in order to compare it to the measurement tools they are required to use by advertisers and agencies.

For instance, this is the list of MRC accredited Viewable Display Ad Impression Vendors:
comScore vCE‐Validation
Google ActiveView (in DFP only)
Integral Ad Science
Markit On Demand
Moat (the only vendor that is accredited to measure mobile web and mobile app)

Pushing back against the use of vendors that are not accredited ensures that all advertising campaigns are being held to the highest standards in the industry and protects advertisers and publishers against inaccurate metrics. For instance, Google DFA is not an accredited viewability vendor. Therefore, publishers need to push back on agencies or advertisers that are using Google DFA for any type of measurement or billing purposes.

Check out the eHealthcare Solutions Viewability Toolkit for more helpful information on metrics standards.

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