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Eye for Pharma #efp conference

At day two of the Eye for Pharma eCommunications conference. A diverse array of topics being covered. Kudos to Joe Shields and Kevin “Nalts” Nalty on a great educational and entertaining presentation. Also kudos to the Brian and Andrew from Klick Pharma for their “Mac vs. PC” (Pharma vs. Social Media) skit… very on point.

Generally speaking, the industry seems to be in a wait and see mode until FDA guidelines emerge (or at least the hearings take place to get a sense of direction) which shouldn’t be until the end of 2010.

I do feel an increasing sense of urgency around making guidelines happen, although still somewhat disappointed that more pharma are choosing to not communicate or communicate with FDA through “back channels” as opposed to speaking publicly at the FDA hearings. Pharma really needs to be heard here. Kudos to the pharma co’s who are stepping up to the plate.

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