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Digital Pharma conference

The Digital Pharma conference was probably more aptly named “Twitterfest”. If there is any rationalization to the billion dollar valuation that Twitter recently received, it has to be based on pure momentum and the world’s best viral marketing campaign. If someone was counting, I think the words “Twitter, tweet, twittersphere, etc…” were mentioned at least 1,000 times over the three day conference. All this in a room of “conservative pharma”. This fascination/obsession is reminiscent of the love affair the world had with Google five years ago. I use social media, and I enjoy it, but there is a degree of obsession that has overcome some folks that doesn’t seem healthy. Interestingly, when I asked the obsessed “How much time per week to you spend on Twitter”, the only reply I got was “you don’t want to ask that question… the answer is scary”. Yes… I think that answer was scary.

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