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NOV-2015 – Redesign Increases Mobile Traffic by 20%!

Your Monthly Prescription for Ad Industry Updates | November 2015

Topics of the Month

Integral Ad Science Announces Pub Expert Release

Diana Di Gioia reports:

To decrease any discrepancies between numerous systems when serving ad campaigns, Integral has introduced Pub Expert. This new tool offers a precise and reliable count of numbers for billing purposes. Integral is the leading third-party verification platform that now has a user interface connected directly with DoubleClick for Publishers. Read more on Integral.

A Changing Marketplace

by R.J. Lewis
Nobody can deny that the marketplace is in great flux. Audiences are shifting where they spend their time. Once, they got their information from radio, TV and newspapers, and they networked at dinner meetings. Today they are spending more time on web and mobile devices, consuming digital content. The media are fragmented – and so are attention spans. In spite of the regulatory environment, the politics, the internal challenges, and all the other countless excuses that can be made, pharmaceutical and health-care marketers must face the realities of a new age. Read more on the changing marketplace.

Your Monthly Prescription

6 Requirements When Relaunching a Publisher Website

Increase Mobile Traffic by 20%!

Last month, eHS helped relaunch As we expected, the impact of mobile responsiveness was apparent: relaunching to a mobile friendly platform has increased mobile traffic by 20%. In the process of relaunching we learned six important considerations we wanted to share to help you reap the benefits of a mobile-friendly relaunch while avoiding potential pitfalls:

1. 301 Redirects are important to maintain ranks in search engines (specifically Google).

2. Make changes for viewability during redesign so that you are prepared for advertisers that are paying by viewable impressions only.

3. Plan plenty of time for User Acceptance Testing.

4. Let users know before you relaunch.

5. Minimize links to resources and citations directly in your articles.

6. Include a picture in your RSS feed and use the feed in all your social media pages.

For examples, data, and “how-to” tips, read the full article:

6 Requirements When Relaunching a Publisher Website.

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