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OCT-2015 – The Machines are Taking Over

Your Monthly Prescription for Ad Industry Updates | October 2015

Topics of the Month

Don’t miss the opportunity to hear 6 leaders in pharma including:

Special Guest Moderator: Marc Weiss, Director, Multi-Channel Marketing – Digital Hub Lead at Bristol-Myers Squibb

In this complimentary webinar, the authors of RESULTS will discuss key insights into how the industry must adapt to remain relevant and profitable in a world where marketing strategies and tactics are evolving as quickly as our changing systems of care.

This will be an interactive discussion and we welcome your questions, insights and opinions.

Speakers & Topics:
» Regional Marketing – Scott Weintraub, Co-founder and CMO of Healthcare Regional Marketing
» Digital Marketing – R.J. Lewis, Founder and CEO of eHealthcare Solutions
» Promise of Big Data – Brad Sitler, Principal Healthcare Strategist, SAS
» Evolving Systems of Care – Joanne McHugh and Roger Zan, Managing Directors, Navigant

October 7, 2015 at 2:30 PM EST redesign!

The redesign of Diabetes In Control presents new advertising opportunities for brands looking to reach specific endo & diabetes related markets. Take a look at the site and get in touch if you’re interested in new sponsorships:

Your Monthly Prescription

The Machines are Taking Over

Programmatic has the Power to Benefit Pharma Advertising

by R.J. Lewis

Programmatic buying – buying online advertising through a machine-to-machine marketplace – is changing digital advertising. While programmatic advertising has been a staple for consumer packaged goods (CPG) for several years, accounting for 52% of non-search digital ad spend, pharmaceutical brands have been slower to adapt. However, this is changing.

Pharma’s fears behind adopting programmatic include the quality and location of the ad placement, restrictions on pharma advertising such as competitive exclusions (prohibiting ads to show on the same page as a competitor’s ad), excluding ads on user generated content, global corporate policies that prohibit retargeting or the use of the ad choice icon (usually for fundamentally flawed reasons), and various other concerns.

However, the market is evolving and pharma is beginning to engage in programmatic ad buying. What is most interesting about this evolution is how this shift is likely to impact the larger media ecosystem. Read More…

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