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DEC-2015 – The New Dynamics of Healthcare Marketing

Your Monthly Prescription for Ad Industry Updates | December 2015

Topics of the Month

What is Header Bidding?

In the programmatic marketplace, when a publisher uses header tags, the advertisers must all bid at the same time for placement on the publisher’s pages – this is called header bidding. Without header tags, advertisers bid one after another or in a “waterfall” pattern. According to Ad Age, header tags mean more revenue for publishers. Read more on header bidding.

AMA’s Ban on DTC Advertising could Push Pharma into Custom Digital Solutions

by Renee Kennedy
Concerns over escalating drug prices has prompted the American Medical Association board to vote in support of banning direct to consumer advertising for prescription drugs and medical devices. Even a “potential” ban on DTC advertising could push pharma companies to invest more money in digital advertising solutions. Patricio Robles, a tech reporter at Econsultancy, states that pharma should develop more robust digital marketing strategies that reach physicians through mobile and social. He also stresses that content strategy is a must, pointing to examples of healthcare companies that have developed effective content campaigns. Read more background on this potential ban.

Your Monthly Prescription

The New Dynamics of Healthcare Marketing – Personalizing and Targeting

The Conservative Mentality in Pharma Marketing is Slowly Changing

by R.J. Lewis

Digital marketing provides a clear measurement of how effectively the marketer’s message is being delivered. Every interaction – every click, hover, mouse movement, coupon download, and engagement – can be measured and logged to fine tune the marketing campaign. In that way, the marketer can see the ROI for the money spent. The data cannot be ignored.

For some time, we have been moving into the era of marketing tools that increasingly personalize and target. Pharma companies now have the ability to do more than just buy online advertising in a web journal. Now when they buy advertising, they can specify a target list of, say, 50,000 doctors they want to reach. Third-party data sources can be combined to more accurately target the message for relevance.

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