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JAN-2016 – 2016 Benchmarks for U.S. Healthcare Industry

Your Monthly Prescription for Ad Industry Updates | January 2016

Topics of the Month

PM360 Roundtable Webinar

Listen to the complimentary webinar from the authors of RESULTS: The Future of Pharmaceutical and Healthcare Marketing.

Marc Weiss, Director of Multichannel Marketing at Bristol-Myers Squibb, moderates. Discussion points include:

1. Scott Weintraub on Regional Marketing – analyzing sales performance based on geography, population and other demographics in order to discover the most scalable opportunities for brand growth.

2. R.J. Lewis on Healthcare Marketing in a State of Flux – learn about two strategies that drive results: mobile first marketing & geo-medical targeting.

3. Brad Sitler on Big Data – by combining the data from EHRs, claims, psycho-social data, mobile health apps, activity trackers, and patient support through intervention programs we can understand which interventions work for which cohort of patients.

4. Joanne McHugh, Roger Zan & Stephen Morales on Trends Shaping Healthcare Delivery – the way we provide, consume, and pay for healthcare is evolving along complex dimensions.

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Viewability Case Studies Updated

This PowerPoint illustrates four types of changes that can be made to publisher websites to increase viewability:

Case 1 – Changing Layout & Ad Placement
Case 2 – Stationary/Floating Ad
Case 3 – Stationary/Floating Ad
Case 4 – Lazy Loading Ad
Case 5 – Mobile Responsive Ad Serving

Viewability Case Studies

Your Monthly Prescription

2016 Benchmarks for U.S. Healthcare Publishers and Advertisers

With new standards, the healthcare industry needs new benchmarks

by Renee Kennedy

Since early 2015, healthcare marketers have been grappling with new viewability standards set by the Media Rating Council (MRC). Through various roundtables, articles, and webinars, the healthcare advertising industry has been trying to keep pace with MRC standards. Stakeholders include healthcare publishers, advertisers, agencies, and viewability analytics providers. Although viewability may be a good place to start to analyze an advertising campaign, high viewability does not necessarily translate to high engagement with the ad. Therefore, other metrics must come into play to provide a more complete picture of how healthcare marketing campaigns are performing.

This whitepaper provides benchmarks from 2015 on viewability and click-through rates (CTR) for display advertising, as well as benchmarks to strive for on healthcare websites. The data is broken down, where possible, for both healthcare profession and disease state. Other metrics such as mobile, desktop and non-human traffic (NHT) are also explored.

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