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FEB-2016 – Passionate Testimony on Viewability

Your Monthly Prescription for Ad Industry Updates | February 2016

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Recapping AMM’s Viewability Congress – Passionate Testimony from Leaders in Medical Media

On February 4, 2016, over 80 influential leaders in medical media, including publishers, agencies, advertisers and other stakeholders, gathered for the AMM Viewability Congress to discuss the viewability standards set by the IAB in 2015. The congress, held by the Association of Medical Media (AMM), sought to gather testimonies of key stakeholders in order to provide viewability guidelines for their publisher membership and agency affiliations. This discussion has been long overdue, but there is still a long way to go to reach consensus.

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Viewability Correlates to Ad Effectiveness, but Time-In-View Better Predictor of Ad Recall

Integral and Cadreon recently completed a study to determine if a “viewable” ad is an effective ad. The study concluded that in-view ads are more effective overall than ads that don’t fall into the MRC viewability standard of 50% in view for at least one second. However, they also discovered that the “time-in-view” was a better predictor of effectiveness of ad recall.

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Your Monthly Prescription

2016 Viewability Best Practices for U.S. Healthcare Publishers and Advertisers

by R.J. Lewis, Renee Kennedy & Lauren Schulman

Throughout 2015, advertisers and agencies within the healthcare industry made strides to tie payment to viewability metrics, while publishers made efforts to improve their site viewability metrics. Viewability measurement tools also improved their offerings.

This whitepaper provides best practices, case studies and metrics to help both advertisers and publishers continue to manage and improve viewability.

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