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MAR-2017 Creating a Curated Experience in Physician Advertising

Your Monthly Prescription for Ad Industry Updates | March 2017

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Definitions for the Age of Identity Resolution

Identity Resolution: A data matching process that ties a customer by location & device profile to a set of variables within a database. By solving for identity, you can find a customer in multiple ways across browsers, online, offline, mobile, desktop and identify the customer’s needs at a particular moment in time.

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Your Monthly Prescription

Creating a Curated Experience in Physician Advertising

Marketing to physicians in the near future will be like something out of a sci-fi movie. RampUp2017 was an intense two day experience highlighting the cutting edge of MarTech. The focus of the event was using data to solve for identity (a.k.a identity resolution) in order to create a personalized experience for the individual customer.

Using data as the foundation for understanding the customer journey will move brands away from selling the product and into developing relationships with customers. When we understand who we are marketing to, we can stop marketing to channels and devices, and start marketing to people.

In physician marketing, we have already begun to identify individual physicians in order to display banners, send emails or even alert them to content resources in their social media feeds. But now, imagine not just displaying a generic brand banner or content alert, but a personalized message just for that specific physician, based on the place they are, the moment in time, and their current interaction with your brand. This is called a “curated experience.” And it can now be done with sophisticated technology and automated data analysis.

Learn how to get your house in order to get ready to create curated experiences.

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