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FEB-2017 2017 Benchmarks for U.S. Healthcare Publishers & Advertisers

Your Monthly Prescription for Ad Industry Updates | February 2017

Topics of the Month

10 Predictions for How the Healthcare Industry Will Change in 2017

R.J. Lewis, President and founder of eHealthcare Solutions, puts together his 10 predictions on the healthcare industry for 2017.

• With pharmaceutical salesforces becoming less effective due to highly restricted access, the shifting from personal to non-personal promotion (NPP) will continue.

• Programmatic ad spending for pharmaceutical companies will more than double. Healthcare may be one of the most interesting “Big Data” petri dishes society has to offer.

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MRC Accreditation Update – 1.4.17

Changes to the Media Rating Council (MRC) accreditation for measurement service products and an addendum to the Invalid Traffic (IVT) Detection and Filtration Guidelines.

MRC Accreditation Update – 1.4.17
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Your Monthly Prescription

2017 Benchmarks for U.S. Healthcare Publishers & Advertisers

Analyzing data from 30 healthcare websites with over 14 billion total sessions and campaign data from over 820 million impressions, the report was compiled using a combination of several analysis aggregators including Tableau, Google Sheets & Excel. Data was extracted from numerous tools including Google Analytics, Moat, and DFP.

Contains benchmarks on healthcare publisher on-site metrics including mobile trends, bounce rates, time-on-site and pageviews per session. The whitepaper also reports on viewability metrics including in-view % and invalid traffic (IVT) benchmarks. Finally, click-through-rates (CTR) for banner advertising on healthcare publishers and pharmaceutical ads is reported.

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