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APR-2017 eyeforpharma 2017: Would your customers and patients consider you a trusted partner?

Your Monthly Prescription for Ad Industry Updates | April 2017

Topics of the Month

Effective Pharmaceutical Advertising: Customization is Key

By Samuel Ferrante

By curating advertising programs, and tailoring specific messages to the needs of physicians, pharmaceutical companies can improve their visibility and increase their reach.

Since certified physicians dispense drugs, ads have traditionally been targeted toward them, but as advertising in general shifts towards strategies that utilize individually-targeted ads, it is even more important that pharmaceutical companies are getting their message to the right people, the right way.

Because there are special guidelines surrounding who pharmaceutical companies can target specifically, it can be extremely beneficial to seek out different, custom solutions for advertising needs, and these can be tremendously effective, especially surrounding an event or conference.

Read more about how custom solutions can help your advertising efforts.

Self-Serve Analytics – Making business more collaborative

By Molly Kennedy

According to Ralph Tkatchuk of Dataconomy, “Data-driven businesses are five times more likely to make faster decisions than their market peers, and twice as likely to land in the top quartile of financial performance within their industries.” Focusing on market data, companies can make quick decisions and use future forecasting.

Find out what becoming more data-centric can do for your company.

Your Monthly Prescription

Would your customers and patients consider you a trusted partner?

The healthcare landscape is changing, the patient is empowered and the customer in charge. Pharma needs to change and develop along with it. On April 20th and 21st the largest gathering of commercial and medical executives in North America will make their annual journey to Philly, for eyeforpharma Philadelphia, for what is set to be a huge step in revolutionizing commercial pharma!

Read more about the conference.

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