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Zeitgeist Recap

Well Google Zeitgeist was all it was hyped up to be and more. An impressive array of top-notch speakers including Al Gore, Colin Powell, Jeff Bewkes, Michael Dell, Les Moonves, Chuck Porter and of course Sergey Brin, Larry Page and Eric Schmidt.

The conference was completely unique in that the agenda, while having a general focus on the future of advertising, clearly showed the founders original “do no evil” philosophy and was spattered with topics such as global warming, third world poverty and healthcare, and overall corporate social responsibility.

Starting with the entire tab for room & board and transportation being born by our hosts, the hospitality was second to none.

The gathering, at only 400 invited guests, was quite intimmate. It was a unique setting in that the impressive array of speakers (and guests) were all readily available to mix and mingle. No one was ushered out a back door, but instead chose to enjoyed the festivities, food breaks, and conversation with the group.

Great time. Kudos to Google on a job well done.

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