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Trends that will effect Pharma marketing’s future

Pharma 2020: Marketing the future is a worthwhile PDF download that discusses how seven current trends are reshaping marketing in the pharmaceutical industry:

  1. Chronic diseases (like diabetes) aren’t just growing, they are “soaring”
  2. Healthcare payers are dictating the treatments doctors can provide or prescribe
  3. Adoption of EMRs or EHRs (electronic medical/health records) and other online databases provide easy access data to determine if pharmaceuticals are actually working
  4. While pharmaceuticals move from prescribed to OTC, healthcare costs rise, and the internet provides patients with easily accessible and straightforward information, more patients are self-medicating
  5. The demand for pharmaceuticals is likely to grow the fastest in developing countries over the next 13 years
  6. Pharma has an opportunity to break into health management with the focus shifting from treatment to prevention
  7. The approval process for pharmaceuticals is currently being assessed with a shift to risk-averse decisions

– Renee Kennedy

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