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“Traditional Online Advertising”

The first time I heard this phrase was in the article title of an Adotas article comparing “Social Media” vs. “Traditional Online Advertising”.   Almost daily, I make comparisons between “Traditional Advertising” and “Online Advertising”, but in the context of Web 2.0, social media (and evolving media beyond banners and text links) are beginning to compare themselves to tried and true online advertising by usign the adjective “traditional” in front of the known entity.  “Traditional Online Advertising”.   It has a funny ring, but it makes sense in defining “the banner’s and text links that we know work… but this new thing isn’t that”.  The whole thing has a de ja vue element too it, whereby the new media begins to compare itself to the old (acceptable) media as a proxy for defining itself and how it’s different than the “traditional”.  The world is moving faster and apparently gaining speed.  When will be be talking about “Traditional iPhone Apps” and  “Traditional Behaviorial Targeting”.

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