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10 Healthcare Marketing Tips You Should Consider in 2021

President of Digital Authority Partners, Michael Reddy, offers his expertise with the top healthcare marketing tips you should keep in mind this year. From the fundamentals of marketing to hot trends, these tips will put you on the path to success when planning your marketing strategies for 2021.

To sum it up, below are 10 marketing tips showcased in his article. 

  1. Create an audit of the current products and services you offer to better understand your current patient base. Once you are brushed up on all your offerings, adjust your marketing strategy accordingly so you have a plan that truly resonates with them.

  2. Content is still king, so focusing your marketing on the “present-day” customer is very important to ensure they 1) see your content, and 2) that you aren’t wasting money on ad placements that will end up blocked by the customer.

  3. Is your website mobile responsive? In 2018, 52 percent of web traffic came from mobile. Did you know that around that same time, Google implemented new algorithms that favor mobile-first indexing? That means if your website is not mobile responsive by now, it will be near impossible to grow your traffic organically. 

  4. What’s the best channel for growing and nurturing trust and awareness for healthcare marketers? That’s right – video marketing. Video marketing is the leader when it comes to engagement, that’s why making sure you incorporate into your 2021 marketing strategy is a no brainer.

  5. Wouldn’t you want your messaging to be anywhere your patient/customer may be? That’s why multichannel marketing is a must in 2021. From chatbots to text messaging, the more touchpoints you place for your customers, the better experience you will create for your customers and the higher engagement rates you will set for yourself.

  6. Have you thought about your business’s online reputation recently? If you haven’t, you should make it a priority this year to secure your company’s online reputation is excellent. After all, trust is a major component when it comes to growing and nurturing your business, especially where healthcare is concerned. The proof is in the stats: one in three adults turn to the internet when pondering a medical condition, while 72 percent of online users admitted to searching health information within the last year. 

  7. Many companies do the bare minimum when it comes to social media marketing. This bare minimum refers to promoting offerings, replying to comments, and sharing content that may interest your audience. While these are important, it’s not going to make a significant impact for your engagement. With 75 percent of Americans using social media to research medical symptoms, Michael recommends sticking to a consistent posting schedule and sharing original content, experimenting with visuals, asking for feedback about your company, holding Q&As, and finally, leveraging online influencers to strengthen your efforts on social. 

  8. Make sure you’re taking advantage of location-based SEO. Using this tool is a great way to attract targeted users to your website.

  9. While it’s not a new concept, advanced analytics and artificial intelligence are game changers when it comes to really understanding customer behaviors. Using customer behaviors, such as their search terms and their online activities, will help guide your marketing campaigns in real time.

  10. It’s no secret that today’s customers are all about wellness. According to the article, wellness was one of the most popular trends within the healthcare industry back in 2018. Want to make a positive impact in this health-focused market? Guarantee that you’re showing your customers that their wellness is your top priority.

The marketing tips and techniques mentioned above should be in any marketer’s interest when looking at their strategies for 2021 and beyond. Hopefully, this article provided you with some ideas to share with your marketing team.

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