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The Moment of Next: How Native Digital Experiences Drive Physician Engagement


At this year’s virtual eyeforpharma Philadelphia, Amy Turnquist, our EVP of Digital Solutions, shared year-long data about the power of native digital experiences in boosting physician engagement. Joining her was Gus Strominger, Senior Marketing Manager, Digital & Media Strategy at AstraZeneca, who presented a case study on the use of native traffic drivers to increase on-site conversions and performance of their 2019 oncology campaign.

Defining “The Moment of Next”

According to Amy, “the moment of next” is the optimal time when cognitive load, or how crowded one’s brain is with information at any given time, is reduced and when your audience will be most open and most receptive to your message. Determining, scientifically, when “the moment of next” approach occurs is critical in ensuring your contextually relevant environment is shown to the right HCP. A study conducted by Nielsen used different content and experiences to test people’s attentiveness and emotional response. How connected they were depended on if they had an emotional response. It was found that participants were most receptive and open-minded right after reading an article online.

Driving Engagement and Results with TrendMD

TrendMD, our valuable partner, is a content recommendation engine for physicians that works very similarly to Amazon in terms of recommending relevant products to viewers based on their purchasing and browsing habits. Through TrendMD, we recommend contextually relevant content to engaged physicians across 5,000 sites, such as the American Diabetes Association and the American Gastroenterological Association. 

TrendMD was specifically designed to capitalize on this “moment of next.”

We hope this has shown you the importance of this “moment of next,” when physicians are most open to allowing more information in so your brand’s messaging can drive better on-site digital engagements.

Complete presentation transcript available here.

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