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Revolution Health Merges With Waterfront

The long-standing rumor was confirmed today with an announcement of a merger between Revolution Health and Waterfront Media.

What Waterfront is buying here can only be defined as traffic. In the years since Steve Case first announces his goal of “revolutionizing” healthcare, the company has struggled to define a business model. With dozens of investments in, or acquisitions of, a variety of disparate healthcare related businesses, the Revolution Health business model has been anything but clear or successful.

The Web 2.0 user-generated Revolution Health web-site, was possibly a poor attempt to buy credibility to pharmaceutical companies. Pharma has still not adopted Web 2.0 content, but for a diet heavy network of sites including such “pharma-friendly” brands as “bikini bootcamp”… perhaps their credibility has no where to go but up. That’s some expensive cred…

On the upside, Waterfront did just buy their way to the top of the Comscore rankings knocking out the current long-term title holder WebMD. Just goes to show that no one is invincible on the web.

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