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Reasons Why EHS Might Not Be the Best Fit for You

If you like to do only one thing and are afraid to wear multiple hats and expand upon your role and duties, EHS is not for you. We all have a job to do, and as a small company that job fluctuates and can get redefined in real-time as we excitedly step up to new challenges.

If you are risk averse and conservative in your thinking (and aren’t in a financial role), EHS is not for you. We are a company of risk takers willing to experiment. We embrace failure as a learning opportunity, a contributor, to our data set, and a chance to grow.

If you are a lone wolf that likes to hoard information, access, or relationships, EHS is not for you. We are a team-oriented supportive culture that puts the company’s interest and the interests of our customers first. We collaborate and share. We’re transparent with each other in all ways.

If you are one who hides in bureaucracy and skates by or shies away from a challenge, EHS is not for you. We all have transparent quarterly SMART goal KPIs which are publicly measured and rewarded. Our contributions and performance are measured and evaluated, and we strive for success doing whatever it takes to achieve it consistently. 

If you are always asking “what’s in it for me?”, EHS is not for you. We put our clients and the company first, knowing if we satisfy our clients and grow the company, we will all be rewarded, and we will all win and grow. Customer service is a core value.

If you are content with your knowledge and skills, and think you are the best, EHS is not for you. EHS’ers are life-long learners recognizing there is always someone to learn from and everyone has a unique perspective. We practice CANI (Continuous and never-ending improvement) in everything we do. Every process, practice, system, or product can be improved upon, forever. Perfection is an ideal to strive for but will never be achieved as you can always make it just a little better. CANI is an EHS core value.

If you are one who looks at a project and says it’s “good enough to pass”, EHS is not for you. Half done, and “good enough to pass” are not representative of the Quality that EHS strives to deliver every day for our clients. Quality is an EHS core value.

If a position in digital advertising feels like just a job, or feels like work to you, EHS is not for you. We are passionate about our industry and love being a part of this exciting and dynamic space. We enjoy showing up every day because we are passionate about what we do.

If you are one who is slow to reply or volunteer to help, EHS is not for you. We are a highly connected, responsive, and engaged team. We are there for each other and rely on each other, just as our clients rely on us. 

If you are a 9 to 5’er seeking “work-life balance” EHS is not the place for you. We go above and beyond in both effort and hours. We’re always on.

If you like to blend in, be a wall flower, and not actively participate and give your all to every interaction, EHS is not the place for you. We go all in and contribute vocally, expressing and debating our ideas and perspectives.

If you are a “go with your gut” intuition-driven person who ignores the facts and the data, EHS is not the place for you. We are a data-driven, even data-obsessed organization letting the data drive our decision making. Intuition only comes into play when the data is absent, and/or conflicting, and a better (data-backed) source of truth can’t be found or created through experimentation.

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