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Progressive Communication through Slack

In August 2013, Slack was introduced. The simple communication application is now being used by 500,000 users – 135,000 of those users are paying for the service. So what makes Slack the fastest growing business application in history?

Slack is being used as the main form of communication for many tech-savvy businesses. In the application, users can sign up to different teams created by the organization. There are also channels users can join that are defined by specific topics. Everyone has access to the conversations in channels. Want a private dialogue? There is direct messaging available for remote conversations between users, as well as private groups.

Slack can be used as a substitute for email and in-person meetings. Many believe that this application will supersede email communications. Email can track documents, conversations, and contacts – but Slack has all that and more. The application has a search feature for anything written from your team across all the channels. It also works across many devices, available on iOS, Android, Mac, and Windows/Linux. The app can track what you have read across the multiple devices. No matter where you log in from, Slack picks up where you last left off.

eHealthcare Solutions began using Slack late last summer; we have used it more aggressively just within the past few months. We have created channels with specific categories where everybody collaboratively sends updates, answers questions, poses advice, and even discusses their reactions after meetings. It can be used less formally than email with quick one-offs similar to Twitter or instant messenger. But it also has the capability for longer messages and blog-style posts and responses. Because of these multifunctional layers, Slack is a space where more natural, free-flowing communication between employees can occur.

Slack is a revolutionary social business tool that is changing the way we work together at eHealthcare Solutions. We have access to each other 24/7, in a non-intrusive environment, on whatever device we happen to have handy. It allows for an exchange of ideas whenever the mood strikes us, as well as on a regular basis when required for business purposes. Slack isn’t merely helping us communicate, it is strengthening our collaboration, team interactions, and professional relationships.

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