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OCT-2016 Choosing a Viewability Tool for 2017

Your Monthly Prescription for Ad Industry Updates | October 2016

Topics of the Month

Google Penguin 4.0 is here! Updated in Real Time

Google has announced the latest release of Penguin. Penguin is a Google search engine algorithm with the main purpose of preventing sites with spammy link referrals from ranking in Google’s organic search results.

Learn more here.

Pharma Marketing Faces a New Challenge: the Value Crisis

Pharmaceutical marketers are tasked with proving the value of a product based on price and measurable improvement in the health of a patient.

Learn more about David Melvin’s article which covers the major hurtles marketers must face when creating a value proposition for pharma brands.

Your Monthly Prescription

Choosing a Viewability Tool for 2017

by Molly Kennedy

RFP season is here, putting the display advertising world in the mindset for 2017. With the new year coming up, advertisers, agencies and publishers may be considering new tools that can be used to analyze the success of a campaign. Viewability, a measurement of how many ad impressions are actually seen by a human, has rapidly moved up the metric ranks.

A good viewability tool not only measures the in-view rate, but also measure how users are engaging with the ad (before they take the next step, click through and possibly convert). To get the most out of ads, advertisers and planning agencies should consider a tool that will help them make decisions about placement and engagement with their ads. The beauty of digital advertising, is that placements can be changed on the fly. With a good viewability tool, advertisers are assured that they can measure the effectiveness of their ads, and make changes when campaigns are not reaching expectations.

Read this article to find out what EHS concluded after a study of four different viewability tools.

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