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NOV-2016 Google’s New Policy Penalizing Intrusive Interstitials on Mobile

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Top Ten Best Practices for Email Marketing

by Ron Kost

Custom emails or email newsletter sponsorships can be a cost efficient marketing tool that separate you from your competition. Email can be utilized to disseminate valuable content to your niche market or to drive traffic to educational content already on your site. In other words, it can be used to generate perceived value of your brand in your market segment and position your company as a thought leader in your industry.

Read the 10 best practices.

New Viewability Blog

Need to know the latest MRC accredited vendors? Need to know your favorite vendor’s methodology? Or maybe you just want to vent about the frustrations of viewability…

Molly Kennedy will be moderating this new blog and regularly updating it with the most recent trends and information concerning viewability.

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Your Monthly Prescription

Google’s New Policy Penalizing “intrusive interstitials” on Mobile

by Lauren Socienski

Starting on January 10, 2017, Google is employing a new policy in effort to help users more easily access content on their mobile devices. The policy will crack down on sites that show “intrusive interstitials” where content is not easily accessible to the user on the transition from the mobile results, therefore leading to a poor user experience. Publishers using these techniques will be in danger of being lowered in ranking on Google search result pages.

In a post from Google’s official Webmaster Central blog by Product Manager Donatam Phan, he outlines the below examples as techniques that make content less accessible to a user, and therefore will be frowned upon under the new policy.

Learn about the Dos and Don’ts of interstitials.

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