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MAR-2019 – The Importance of Physician Authentication

The Importance of Physician Authentication

Three top experts in medical marketing discuss why physician authentication is important to advertisers and publishers.

These three videos are under a minute each:
– Brad Rosenhouse, GVP Programmatic, Publicis Health Media
– Tom Hespos, Founder, Underscore
– Eugene Lee, Executive Vice President & Managing Director, CMI

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Top 4 Trends in Business Intelligence for Healthcare

Four trends in data that will specifically impact healthcare:
1. The growth of “explainable AI”
2. Data collaboration across organizations
3. Code of ethics for data practices
4. Data storytelling will drive decisions

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R.J.’s Take on The Digital Future, Part II, as seen in the Healthcare Marketer’s Exchange

A little over a year ago, R.J. Lewis’ The Digital Future, Part 1, was published in The Healthcare Marketer’s Exchange, and there is no denying that a lot has happened in digital since then. While he shifts back and forth between excitement and fear when thinking about the future of digital, R.J. is eager for what will lie ahead.

Now, R.J. is back with a part II, covering topics like privacy, changes and progress in the medical landscape, media and advertising, and the continued advancement of technology in the healthcare industry.

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The Young Professionals’ Guide on Workplace Attire – Part 3 & 4

How Apparel Impacts Attitudes & Tips for Workplace Dress

Samuel discussed the benefits of dressing professionally at work. In these last two parts, Samuel explains how the way we dress impacts our attitudes at work. He’ll ice the cake by offering best practices for dressing at work with what he calls, “tips for tasteful tailoring.”

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