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How COVID-19 is Impacting Video Impressions

“Video impressions served to connected TV platforms rose to 40% in Q2, after a drop off in Q1.” According to a study done by Extreme Reach, the pandemic has made a heavy impact on consumer habits and how and where marketers purchase video ads. With people being stuck at home during the pandemic, online video viewership has risen due to people watching more online content.

Extreme Reach also reported that because of the pandemic, fewer video ads were bought through premium publishers due to advertisers cutting back on their marketing budgets. “The rise in video impressions served to connected TV platforms during Q2 suggests that advertisers started to spend again in the April-June period following a slowdown that occurred during the initial stage of the health crisis.”

Not only has media buying strategies changed during the pandemic, but it was also proven that different emotions used in videos can impact their sales performance according to a report from VidMob. 

4 different emotions in videos that can impact your sales performance:

  1. “Surprised emotions in the first three seconds led to a 360% jump in performance from start of the pandemic to lockdown.”
  2. “Ads with happy emotions saw a decrease of 64% in conversions.” 
  3. “Calm videos increased purchases by 156% during lockdowns.”
  4. “Ads that show women drove a 325% increase in performance.”

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