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Google Launches Real-Time Search

According to Mashable, Google’s launch of real-time search for the entire world is imminent.  Already available in via  clicking on any “Hot Topic” under Google Trends, soon to be rolled out in full.

To feed the real-time search results, Google has done deals with not only Twitter but also Facebook and MySpace to incorporate real-time search prominently into search results (see video of how real-time search will work below).

I think we just watched the birth of the new “big three” (Twitter, Facebooks and MySpace) stations, riding on the rails of the new Comcast (Google).

The implications for SEO are interesting (SEO just became even more real time than it was), and the relative importance of Social Media just went up a notch as well, particularly due to the prominent placement the RTS listsing are getting in the Google Interface.

Content is no longer King… Real-time Content is King.

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Google Launches Real-Time Search.

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