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Feb – 2019 5 Ways Healthcare Brands Can Strengthen Relationships with HCPs

2019 Benchmarks for U.S. Healthcare Publishers & Advertisers

If you are a healthcare publisher, either in the consumer or professional space, you can use these benchmarks to compare your website metrics to these averages. Also included in this report are helpful tips and information to overcome challenges your website may be having around a specific metric.

Advertisers can use these metrics to determine if their placements are performing to averages. These metrics are an invaluable resource to help design a media plan that meets or exceeds industry standards and client expectations.

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5 Ways Healthcare Brands Can Strengthen Relationships with HCPs

One core competency that a company must master to increase market share and establish substantial brand presence is strong customer relationships. For a healthcare brand, it is essential to have strong relationships, not just with the end consumer or the patient, but with the healthcare professional who will be prescribing the treatment. The following article focuses on 5 methods to increase engagements with HPCs online

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The Young Professionals’ Guide on Workplace Attire – Part 2

Figuring out Formal Attire.

With research to back him up, in part two, Samuel Ferrante delves into young professionals’ feelings on formal attire.

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Employee Spotlight: Adrian Kaplan, Director, Professional Solutions

Prior to joining the EHS team, Adrian worked in various advertising sales roles within the television industry at several well-known companies in New York City, including WEtv and ION Media Networks.

Now, Adrian considers himself lucky to be a part of the EHS team here in New Jersey, where ‘the people make it a great place to work,’ and he is able to spend more time with his family.

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