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FDA Hearings on Social Media

Kudos to Eli Lilly, Sanofi-Aventis, J&J and Pfizer for stepping up to the plate and actively participating in the upcoming FDA hearings on social media. View agenda and participants. Kudos to the FDA on holding the open forum and recognizing that this medium IS different and requires a new set of guidelines.

My question is where is the rest of the pharma, biotech and device industry at this forum? Passive participation doesn’t count – have a voice and make that voice heard, the future is being shaped.

I’m sure some agencies and publishers would gladly give up their time slots to pharma, biotech & device clients who want to still want to have an active voice, but didn’t get a time slot. This should’nt be too fringe industry focused, or it will lose meaning and come off as biased. This is about pharma’s ability to provide customer service to consumers in the forums in which they want to communicate. It would be nice to have more pharma participation.

Is perceived risk so high that lack of participation is really the best way to allow guidelines to be crafted? This is an open forum for participation, the process should be welcomed and pharma shouldn’t just sent lawyers, but marketers, clinicians and customer service folks as well.

Follow the hearings and outcomes on twitter #FDASM and on the web at Kudos to Fabio Gratton for putting this site together!

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