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Break Through the Noise with an Omnichannel Approach

Reaching your targeted HCP or consumer audience through the noisy pharmaceutical marketplace is becoming more of a challenge every day. One of the best ways to break through the noise and reach your targeted providers or consumers is through an omnichannel approach.

Leveraging an omnichannel marketing strategy allows healthcare companies to meet their HCP or consumer audiences in the right place and at the right time.

Here are 4 marketing strategies to implement into your omnichannel approach:

Native Advertising

The growth in demand for native is a trend that is fueled by performance and results and excels at driving action. This type of advertising builds brand awareness by allowing your target audience to be informed of your brand before even visiting your website.

Native advertising places ads into a content feed that mimics the design of the website and provides the consumer or HCP with an uninterrupted flow of relevant information. Since native advertising blends in with the content, it has been an extremely successful tool for healthcare marketers.

Ultimately, incorporating native advertising into your omnichannel campaign can help healthcare companies introduce their brand and products to content viewers who are already engaged.

Social Media

Whether it’s sharing an informative article, promoting a video, or retweeting another company’s post, having your company active on multiple social media platforms can overall help increase your brand’s visibility and open direct channels of communication to your audience, creating a well-rounded omnichannel marketing approach.

Email Marketing

With over 4 billion people using email worldwide, email marketing can be a great way to reach your target audience through personalized messages. While social media and other marketing outlets are great for building relationships with your customers, emails help convert those relationships into sales.

Email marketing is action-oriented which means it is more likely to drive traffic to your website. The best overall benefit of email marketing is that it carries the greatest potential of converting your target audience into leads.


Reaching over 80% of the US population, digital video allows advertisers to promote their brand(s) and service(s) through in-stream video ads that can play either before (pre-roll), during (mid-roll), or after (post-roll) a video.

Throughout 2021, video advertising has grown significantly, and spending continues to increase. Video ads allow advertisers to easily educate and engage their audiences in a cost-effective way. Therefore, it is crucial for many advertisers to invest in video advertising as soon as possible in order to maintain a wide-ranged omnichannel marketing strategy.

Get Started

Remember, your audience is everywhere, and if you want to keep your brand top of mind, you need to leverage all channels of marketing communication. If you haven’t already, start implementing these four marketing strategies into your omnichannel approach and watch your relationships turn into sales.

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