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MAY-2015 – “Dark Social” your next big marketing opportunity!

Your Monthly Prescription for Ad Industry Updates | May 2015

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Have you ever heard of “dark social?” This is untrackable web traffic that may come into your analytics program as “Direct.” New research indicates that dark social may mainly come from Facebook. Putting this to the test, we discovered that on one of our sites, nearly 25% of the traffic may be coming from Facebook. Think of the implications this could have on your social media strategies!

Read “Dark Social” Could Open a Whole New Audience for Pharma by Daniel Mullen, Manager, Partner Relations.

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Viewability Articles and Resources

Yes, we’re still talking about viewability and will be for some time to come! We’ve put together a resource page that we will continue to update with the most recent viewability resources. It now contains two “best practices” articles on viewability for advertisers and publishers: Viewability Articles and Resources.

Also, if you haven’t had a chance to read this case study by Sizmek, it’s worth a read, especially for advertisers! The onus of viewability is not all on the publisher, creative format may play a role in viewability metrics: Viewability Benchmarks Winter 2015.

The Blind SpotCharts & Trends

Katelynn Mareno, Manager, Partner Relations, points out two articles highlighting the rise of social media and mobile advertising. All the trends point to mobile and social growing rapidly. This only adds fuel to the fire – figure out where your “dark social” is coming from and develop an extensive social media strategy. Next month, look forward to some tips on designing a social media strategy for your brand.

The Monthly Prescription

How is your site holding up against Google’s new “Mobile Friendly” algorithm?

On Tuesday, April 21, 2015, Google began to roll out the mobile-friendly algorithm. According to Google, it has now been fully rolled out as of May 1.
We have posted several articles on our blog to help you determine if your site has been affected:

Check Your Site’s traffic for Google’s Mobile-Friendly update is a how-to article by Renee Kennedy.

Katelynn Mareno, reports on her research Mobile Optimization Best Practices & Quick Fixes to help you get your site on track. Some of these tips can be applied quickly – within a day or two.

Where Will Your Site Stand After Google’s “Mobile Friendly” Algorithm Update? by Daniel R. Mullen, explains how the algorithm update could potentially affect the traffic to your site. Finding out if your site is mobile optimized is the first step to understanding how the update will impact your site.

If you are an exclusive eHealthcare Solutions Publisher Partner, you may request a free site audit to help you determine if your site has been impacted by the mobile-friendly update; reach out to your Partner Relations Manager for a one-on-one.

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