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MAR-2015 – Pfizer Leads in Big Data

Your Monthly Prescription for Ad Industry Updates | March 2015

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The success of a Display Advertising Campaign can be measured through a combination of different metrics. However, the most fundamental metric is the impression. It is the job of an Ad Trafficker to set up each campaign so that impression discrepancies are minimal. As an experienced Ad Trafficker, I encounter impression discrepancies almost every day. While you can’t get rid of discrepancies completely, you can minimize them so that revenue loss is minimal.

Read Display Advertising Discrepancies Part I – Trafficking Errors by EHS Senior Programmer and Tech Guru Ilya Iaskevich

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The Apple Watch is set to be released Spring 2015. It will have customizable technology and apps that people are already raving about. Many companies are trying to seize this as an opportunity for additional marketing space. This new type of ad space will only increase visibility of brands and marketing efforts.

Read Will the Apple Watch have Advertising Opportunities? by Diana Di Gioia, Digital Campaign Manager (Follow Diana on Twitter @ADdictingOps)


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Pfizer is a pharmaceutical leader in the use of big data to improve patient outcomes. A guest post on Forbes by Geno Germano at Pfizer talks about what Pfizer is already doing today, as well as outlining things to come, regarding the use of big data and technology to improve patient outcomes. For instance, Pfizer is using an EMR database to create a model for Fibromyalgia to help clinicians identify the disease earlier. They are also using combined databases to identify unexplored correlations that may predict diabetes and cardiovascular disease. These new discoveries have the potential to assist physicians in creating customized treatments for patients.

Pfizer again is demonstrating it’s leadership position as an innovative aggressive first mover. Read more at Big Data to Power Patient Care

The Monthly Prescription

EHS Announces Six New Sites Focused on Diabetes Content

eHealthcare Solutions (EHS) is proud to announce it has signed agreements with, OmniChannel Health Media, and NuFit Media to represent six new sites including:,,,,, and These sites build upon the reach of EHS diabetes channel for Health Care Professionals and Consumers, which includes the site that joined the EHS Network last year. is the diabetes site for Costco, the largest membership warehouse club chain in the United States.

RJ Lewis, CEO, eHealthcare Solutions said: “Taken in aggregate, these premium consumer sites dramatically expand EHS’ lead as the largest provider of access to targeted ad placement for advertisers seeking to focus their message on the diabetes market.”

Read more about these exciting new acquisitions.

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