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FEB-2015 – Advanced Geo-Medical Targeting Now Available

Your Monthly Prescription for Ad Industry Updates | February 2015

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By now, we are probably all somewhat familiar with the term “Net Neutrality;” at the very least we’ve most likely heard the term thrown around by anchors and pundits from time to time on the evening news. This buzz phrase has been used for years now to describe the heated and politically charged debate surrounding the regulation of the delivery of digital content on the Internet. Donald Langsdorf, EHS Director of Digital Solutions, provides information in The Importance of Net Neutrality to Advertisers.

The Monthly TargetHealthcare & Pharmaceutical Industry News

With another year come and gone, Pharmaceutical marketers continue to adapt to rapidly changing digital advertising market. 2014 marked an important shift when “most healthcare professionals are now ‘digital natives:’ they have grown up with digital technology as an integrated part of communications” explains Jan Van Den Burg, VP commercial strategy, Veeva Europe. That shift along with the rapid development of digital, mobile, and ambient technologies, has, according to Tom Meek of PMLive, “transformed the global communications paradigm, and set new expectations in how consumers and professionals consume information.” With an influx of a variety of new methods to reach consumers and physicians alike, the marketer’s playing field continues to expand; but will Pharma be ready to capitalize in 2015?

Read Adopting a Multi-Channel Marketing Strategy in Pharma by EHS Financial Whiz Kid Samuel Ferrante.

The Blind SpotCharts & Trends

Pharma 2020: Marketing the future is a worthwhile PDF download that discusses how seven current trends are reshaping marketing in the pharmaceutical industry:

  1. Chronic diseases (like diabetes) aren’t just growing, they are “soaring”
  2. Healthcare payers are influencing the treatments doctors can provide or prescribe
  3. Adoption of EMRs or EHRs (electronic medical/health records) and other online databases provide easy access data to determine if pharmaceuticals are actually working
  4. More pharmaceuticals going generic and moving to OTC status coupled with patients easy accessibility to information online, is resulting in more patients self-medicating
  5. The demand for pharmaceuticals is likely to grow the fastest in developing countries over the next 13 years
  6. With governmental focus shifting from treatment to prevention, pharma has an opportunity to break into health management
  7. The approval process for pharmaceuticals is currently being assessed with a shift to risk-averse decisions

The Monthly Prescription

eHealthcare Solutions Introduces FocalPoint Advanced Targeting Suite

We are pleased to introduced the advanced geo-medical targeting suite of products called FocalPoint.

In essence, FocalPoint gives the marketer the ability to reduce waste in the digital media buying by focusing their marketing spend on the most highly concentrated areas of the country where diagnosed patients live or where their prescriptions, or those of their competitor are being written.

Leveraging data from de-identified insurance claims data for patient diagnostic intelligence, or pharmacy data to determine Rx activity levels through providers such as IMS Health, eHealthcare Solutions analyzes this data in a HIPAA compliant way, to “focus” advertising expenditures to yield the most effective cost per patient reach.

Read about eHealthcare Solutions FocalPoint suite of products

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