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What new technologies/techniques offer the most promise to help marketers better engage with HCPs?

Physician level targeting, including the actionable insights that come with the delivery of physician-level data (PLD) is not new. What is new is the scale at which this can be achieved. When ingested into a CRM, this PLD “exhaust” from a high-touch, high-targeted digital marketing campaign can inform and leverage the rest of the organization. Done correctly PLD can also trigger effective, personalized drip messaging campaigns for ongoing engagement and influence.

The most effective tools used to deliver PLD include email, digital display, content infusions and other custom solutions with respected, high quality medical publishers, and contextual content recommendation engines inserted at the point where physicians are educating through medical literature. Reach can be further extended with anonymized list-matched targeting as well through display on private exchanges and via social media. These tools are incredibly powerful when used in tandem, will maximize reach to your target audiences, and far exceed the diminishing reach of the field sales team.

If your digital marketing efforts are not capable of reaching more than 90% of your target prescribers, you are not leveraging all the tools at your disposal effectively. Your brand deserves better.

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