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What comScore Data Says About HCPs Online

“Physicians work hard to play hard,” revealed David Shronk, VP Health Vertical, comScore at the 2013 EHS Publisher Summit held in NYC last month.

From looking at activity on their home computers, comScore reports that physicians most visit healthcare sites, business-to-business content, travel sites, and real estate resources.

Based on data about physicians’ device usage, comScore reports that they are mostly early adopters for their personal-use technologies, but late adopters for making office systems purchases. In looking at the data about professional use of desktop vs. mobile phone vs. tablet, Mr. Shronk shared these insights: “I think this is one of the most interesting things – the data show no statistical difference in doctor behavior regardless of specialty – primary care vs. specialist – or baby boomers vs. Generation X.”

Mr. Shronk explained that the types of content physician consume vary by size of the screen. This is how the findings break out:


  • Medical news
  • Journal summaries
  • Disease treatment
  • Online detailing


  • Drug lookup
  • Medical news
  • Disease treatment
  • Drug interactions


  • Medical calculators
  • Drug look-up
  • Drug interactions

He concluded the data discussion by revealing the types of Web properties that physicians most visit and shared the impressive growth statistics year-over-year for the EHS Physician/HCP Network, stating that the media buying agencies he works with appreciate resources that make effective buying more efficient for them. Mr. Shronk’s colleague, Wendy Josefsberg, Sr. VP, comScore, added that the individual publishers joined together as a network offer a much stronger value proposition to advertisers than any one of those sites alone.

eHealthcare Solutions Full Physician/HCP Network has experienced amazing growth year-over-year:

  • Unique Visitors: +57% (6.8MM – March 2013)
  • Minutes: +28% (58MM – March 2013)
  • Page Views: +18% (71MM – March 2013)
  • Visits: +45% (13MM – March 2013)


Watch for additional blog posts in the coming weeks as we share more about the valuable data, insights, and opinions that were the focus of the 2013 EHS Publisher Summit. Let us know if you’d like to hear about anything sooner.

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