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‘Toll Gates’ For Premium Content?

At the IAB leadership summit, newly installed IAB chairman reignited the debate over premium content on the web carrying a micropayment fee.

MediaPost Publications Bold Predictions From 24/7 Real Media’s Moore: Publishers Should Create ‘Toll Gate’ For Premium Content 02/22/2010.

Prognosticators like Chris Anderson claim “information wants to be free”, a theme throughout his new book “Free:  The Future of a Radical Price”.  For a somewhat opposing counterpoint, which see the book review at The New Yorker by one of my other favorite authors, Malcolm Gladwell.

I’ve commented on the declining quality of Internet content before in my post, “Is Google changing language itself?” and feel this is significant issue for the “old school” of premium content producers.  Have a beer with any newspaper journalist and she’ll tell you that quality journalism today is a sad state of affairs… then she’ll hand you a card with her blog address on it.

What do you think?  To Free or not to Free?

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