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Steve Jobs Died

Ironically, I learned about his death minutes after it was made public.  I had just left a Recycle Bank event where Al Gore gave a great speech on global warming, and was checking my emails, on my iPhone, in a NYC cab on the way to the train. I immediately reached for my iPad to  blog about it, but couldn’t get a signal (not Apple’s fault of course, but AT&T’s) so I decided the post could wait until morning. On the train on the way home, I used my iPad (signal back) to check the Apple site, and in a very “Steve Jobs” way, they had a very simple and tasteful tribute on their homepage.  The culture lives on.

I opened Tweet Deck on my iPad, to see what the twitter sphere was saying, and the comments from colleagues, and strangers alike were pouring in.  “RIP Steve”, “Thank you Steve”, etc…  I tweeted my thoughts, “#stevejobs we miss you already. Thanks for making your mark and leaving a legacy.”

Steve Jobs changed the world in a profound way and the world will never be the same.  We’ll never go back to a pre-Apple era.  We wouldn’t want to.  Thanks Steve.

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