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Pharma Online Spending Still Dissapointing

The latest 2008 “Year in Review” IAB Internet Advertising Revenue Report by PricewaterhouseCoopers, provides another dismal look at pharma’s lack of embracing online via other industries. The graph shown on page 12, shows “Pharma & Healthcare” (pharma spending alone must have been too small to even list by itself) as only 4% of the total online advertising spend (or less than $1 Billion in a $23.4 Billion online advertising market).

In such an information rich industry where education and information are paramount, and where patient populations are often of a niche nature and are naturally congregating and finding support online, it continues to shock me that the Internet is not more widely embraced as the communications vehicle of choice.

Why is pharma underspending every other industry? What do you think?

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