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Microsoft Attempts to Buy Yahoo

It just keeps getting more interesting… with Yahoo stock dipping under $20 per share, Microsoft decided it was time to try to take the original leading Internet search portal over… again. Having rebuffed an offer about a year ago, based on the promise of the future of Panama and other initiatives, Yahoo might not dodge the bullet as easily this time since Panama has been disappointing and there are no more silver bullets in their chamber. The offer from Microsoft, at a $42 Billion – a 62% premium to their closing price, may both be too rich to turn down, and too rich for competitive bidders to counter… except maybe Google.

Google is already rattling the “anti-trust” saber and crying Microsoft fowl. Google’s responding to Microsoft’s offer even before Yahoo has… which by Yahoo’s own admission, will take “quite a bit of time”.

As these Internet industry titans wrestle for domination, the deal market only gets more interesting.

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