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Meeting Pharma Marketing Goals with Technology

Don Langsdorf, Director of Digital Solutions & Strategy at eHealthcare Solutions, discusses meeting pharma marketing goals with technology at Digital Pharma West.

Don discusses the keys to a successful marketing campaign. He begins by saying, “You have to consider who your audience is: are you targeting a healthcare professional or a healthcare consumer audience. Your approach, tactics, and strategy are going to align with the audience’s needs. On the professional side, you have to take a look at the practice routine and how they are interacting with their patients: is it going to be an educational campaign or more geared toward patient outcomes?” He also talks about pairing the physician and consumer journeys to the brand objectives.

He goes on to discuss the pitfalls of technology in marketing, but is optimistic as well, “I’m really excited about AR [Augmented Reality] and VR [Virtual Reality), especially AR. I think AR is almost immediately applicable in the field. When we talk about sales reps trying to spend more time in front of doctors, I think AR is a critical component of the ability of a sales rep to educate a doctor on a device or a specific treatment.”

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