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MAY-2019 – Digital Engagement: How Physicians Really Behave Online

Webinar – Digital Engagement: How Physicians Really Behave Online

Our EVP of Sales, Amy Turnquist, and Paul Kudlow, M.D., Founder & CEO of the TrendMD content discovery platform, discuss the results of their research into physician behavior online, backed by extensive and enlightening first-party data collected via the eHealthcare Solutions and TrendMD publisher network. The reality may shock you.

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3 Ways Pharma Companies Can Improve Trust

Lack of trust is a huge threat for the pharma industry but also a massive opportunity for growth. If the present for-profit companies fail to adjust to increasing consumer desire for transparency, they run the risk of losing relevancy to the non-profit groups.

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Employee Spotlight: Katelynn Mareno, Director of Advertising Operations

Katelynn is a highly skilled and valued employee among her colleagues. In her 4 years at EHS, Katelynn has held several managerial roles, which have prepared her well for a recent promotion to the director level.

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