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Interview with Craig DeLarge

I want to thank Craig DeLarge for joining us for a 90@90 publisher summit and conducting a very in-depth video interview for our publishing partners and sharing insights from the pharma marketing suite.  We took this interview and broke it into two parts for viewing on the site.  Watch and enjoy and please feel free to comment and let us know what you think.  What should we have asked that we didn’t?  Your feedback is welcome.
Interview Craig DeLarge – Part 1  

In this segment we cover questions such as:
  • What do you perceive as the greatest pain points for pharma today when it comes to digital media?
  • What incremental value can publishers bring to pharma marketers today that we either aren’t doing, aren’t doing enough of, or aren’t doing very well?
  • We have publishers that reach physicians, HCPs, patients and caregivers.  What are the key challenges for you as a marketer in each of these areas?  How can we help?
  • What do you see happening in digital media and digital marketing today that you consider truly innovative?

Interview: Craig DeLarge & R.J. Lewis Part 1 (Oct. 2014)

Interview Craig DeLarge – Part 2  

In this segment we asked:

  • How have you measured ROI in digital?  What can publishers do to help you better measure ROI?  What does ROI need to look like for you to go and successfully argue for a digital budget that is 3X what it is today?
  • What does your crystal ball show you when you look out 3-5 years into the digital marketing landscape for pharma?
  • And more great questions…

Interview: Craig DeLarge & R.J. Lewis Part 2 (Oct. 2014)

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