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Google to Buy WebMD?

Could it be? Rumors have it that WebMD is shopping itself around and Google might be browsing…

Google buying WebMD?

This would represent a major change in Google’s strategy, making it a content play and putting it in even more direct competition with the tens of thousands of partners who make up the AdSense network.

In the interest of full disclosure, I’m a WebMD stock-holder… oh wait… that is I own HLTH – which used to own the WBMD assets, but spun them off to get a better, more “Internet” like, multiple. Somehow when WBMD spun off from HLTH, the original HLTH shareholders weren’t issued WBMD stock. Huh?

Be careful Google, make sure you lift the all of the shells to see what’s underneath before for plunking down cash.

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