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EHS Adds New Publisher Partners to Physician/HCP & Consumer Network

We are proud to introduce the following premier sites in our Network

~The EHS Physician/HCP Network:

  • DocSpot
  • MedgenEHR
  • Discovery Medicine
  • HospitalJobsOnline /

~The EHS Consumer Network:

  • 1-800-Oncologist
  • 1-800-Therapist
  • DrGourmet
  • eHealthMe
  • HealthNews

The EHS Physician/HCP Network is ranked #1 for digital reach to physicians/HCPs, with more than 3x the reach of the closest competitor (comScore, April 2013).

  • Approx. 58 million monthly ad impressions

The EHS Consumer Network is ranked among largest for unique monthly visitors (comScore, April 2013).

  • Approx. 57 million monthly ad impressions


More information on the new additions:

DocSpot has a mission of helping people make better healthcare decisions. Officially launched in August 2010, empowers people to find providers that are right for their individual needs by increasing the transparency and navigability of relevant information.

MedgenEHR offers a full set of features and intuitive user interface which make it a very powerful tool in medical practices of all size and specialty.

Discovery Medicine is an evidence-based, peer-reviewed, open-access, and scholarly biomedical journal. It publishes ideas and research findings that challenge conventional notions about disease mechanisms, diagnosis, treatment, or any of the life sciences subjects.

HospitalJobsOnline and are niche healthcare job boards designed exclusively for hospitals, healthcare companies, and healthcare job seekers.

1-800-Oncologist is the leading digital publisher of timely, easy-to-understand cancer information that patients can relate to, from breaking news and cancer features to treatment updates and medication information.

1-800-Therapist is the leading distributor of doctor-reviewed behavioral health news, pharmacist-created medication information, and industry-leading video content.

DrGourmet is the definitive evidence-based source for diet, health, wellness, and lifestyle information.

eHealthMe is the source for post-marketing studies and provides cloud computing services for real world drug outcomes, allowing healthcare professionals and patients to study 40 million latest outcomes of 45,000 drugs, vitamins, and supplements in an effort to transform the healthcare system to be more transparent, safer, and less expensive.

HealthNews is a community of health and wellness professionals, experts, and ordinary consumers dedicated to developing and enhancing an open dialogue about health and wellness.

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