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eHealthcare Solutions Consumer Network Featuring Powerhouse Network & Channel Anchors

The EHS Consumer Network

Since its inception in 1999, eHealthcare Solutions has offered advertisers the opportunity to connect with niche consumer health audiences online. Today, EHS is pleased to offer a robust Consumer Network with extensive consumer health reach, strong niche targeting capabilities, and channels and digital execution opportunities that extend beyond the World Wide Web into email, mobile and more.

The strength of our Network is enhanced by the inclusion of several major healthcare publishers and digital channel providers, who are featured in the reorganized structure of the EHS Consumer Network.

In addition, we continue to build on our strong Physician/HCP Network, an essential part of our comprehensive, targeted digital portfolio in the healthcare/pharmaceutical vertical.

A Giant in Consumer Health is the anchor site for the EHS Consumer Network. This comprehensive, award-winning website provides consumers, patients, and caregivers with information on hundreds of disease categories and subcategories, which means advertisers can benefit from placing their messages in highly targeted advertising inventory.

One of the premier consumer health information websites on the Internet, the site is operated by the prestigious American Academy of Family Physicians (AAFP), a national medical organization representing nearly 94,000 family physicians, family practice residents, and medical students. All of the information on the site has been written and reviewed by physicians and patient education professionals at the AAFP.

  • 4.2 million+ monthly unique visitors
  • Approx. 11 million monthly ad impressions

Women’s & Children’s Health Channels

Women and moms are among the most active health information seekers. They are also large users of the Internet, email, and mobile devices. eHealthcare Solutions helps advertisers reach this important audience – and reach them at a time when they’re ready to take action – thanks in large part to these key anchor sites.

  • Women’s Health Channel — Approx. 6.5 million monthly ad impressions
  • Children’s Health Channel — Approx. 4.5 million monthly ad impressions is a recognized, leading source of reproductive and pregnancy health information. Its publisher, The American Pregnancy Association, is a foundation that offers health services for the public, including education, research, advocacy, public policy, and community awareness. is a comprehensive online network created by women for women, based on the belief that women, not search engines, are best able to collect, organize and share content on the Internet. is a vast, ever-expanding universe with more than 1,000,000 pages of educational and networking content designed for women everywhere.

Diabetes Channel

Diabetes is a subject that comes up in so many of the digital publications and websites throughout the EHS Network that notable reach can easily be achieved in this niche. However, two premier partners stand out as the key anchors of this consumer channel.

  • Diabetes Channel — Approx. 1 million monthly ad impressions

Diabetes Forecast, published by the American Diabetes Association, is the premier consumer magazine for reaching almost 5 million readers actively seeking ways to live longer, healthier, and happier with diabetes. For more than 60 years Diabetes Forecast has enjoyed robust and loyal circulation by offering readers straight-talk discussions with practitioners, researchers, educators, dietitians, lifestyle experts, and other people with diabetes. EHS offers advertising opportunities within the pages of the digital version of this prestigious publication.

Glucose Buddy offers both web and mobile opportunities. It’s a free online and mobile application – and the most popular diabetes iPhone app – that facilitates the processes necessary to maintain a health lifestyle when living with diabetes. To date, approximately 5.9 million logs are updated on a regular basis. EHS is able to offer new-age advertising and sponsorship opportunities that help marketers share their messages directly and regularly with people living with diabetes.

Digestive Health Channel

Digestive health topics are discussed in so many of the EHS consumer health sites and publications that broad reach in this niche is easily achieved through our Network. One publishing partner stands out as the anchor on this topic because of its personal and comprehensive focus on this subject.

  • Digestive Health Channel – Approx. 4.5 million monthly ad impressions is a thriving community and information resource for medical news, feature articles, health information, and patient stories. Since its launch, has been featured or profiled by several major media publications, including BBC Online, MSNBC,, the New York Times, and the Associated Press. The HealingWell e-Newsletter, which offers up the best of the website’s content every month, reaches 31,000 subscribers. is ranked among the top 100 health websites by

Mental Health Channel

eHealthcare Solutions is a powerful one-stop-shop for reaching mental health audiences. In addition to having this subject matter covered in a number of multi-topic sites and publications throughout the Network, our anchors in this channel include nearly a dozen offerings focused on this niche topic alone.

  • Mental Health Channel — Approx. 4.6 million monthly ad impressions is a premier online resource designed to promote mental health and wellness education and advocacy. All content is reviewed by mental health professionals. is a leading non-profit Web community dedicated to providing high-quality information, support, and education to family members, caregivers, and individuals whose lives have been impacted by schizophrenia. is designed to help stop the pain caused by mental health disorders. It offers communities for emotional support, articles to assist in recovery, and crisis intervention and resources provided by recovering consumers.

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