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The Death of the Premium Publisher?

The always insightful Ari Rosenberg writes an attention-grabbing headline announcing the open eulogy to premium publishers. It is an interesting and frequent debate. I recall a quote uttered by a premium publisher about Goole AdSense when they first got into display that went something like this: “Google says they are going to replace my $0.50 CPMs with $2.00 CPMs… but I worry that they will also be replacing my $30 CPMs with $2.00 CPMs.”

The selection of the right partner, and how you empower that partner, is incredibly important. Read Ari’s article and voice your opinion. I posted a comment that the other element that needs to be explored here, and perhaps exploited for the benefit of the premium publisher, is the data aspect. Data is the currency of online advertising. It can have greater value than the limited inventory a premium publisher has on their own site.

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